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Stress - Athen's Burning I and II (Two 7" E.P's, vinyl rip). 1982-1985 recordings. 2011.

   Stress is a legendary greek punk band - one of the first and the best! Still active in ground shaking gigs, with only one record, " O Ihos tis anasfalias", in 1985 (self released, only 300 copies). 
   I had this record! I lost it somewhere and i'm never gonna forgive myself! 
   (Later Wipe-Out records re-released the LP.)
   And there was somenthing special about this record, if anyone is interested to understand what was happening in Greece in the '80's
   The song "Genoktonia" ("Genocide") - an anti-military anthem - it is not listed on the record label or the lyric sheet. On the back sleeve it is mentioned that this track was removed due to censorship. The record plays only a few seconds of the intro, followed by about 2 minutes of silence, and then the last few seconds of the outro!

    "Stress might very well have been the one & only greek band with a high-paced punk '77/KBD sound, in a scene full of post-punk (& later on hardcore) bands.
    As far as their (sociopolitical in nature) lyrics go, they seem to encapsulate all the events & agonies of their generation; tracks such as "Leros" (name of an aegean island whose mental institution has one of the worst records on human rights violations in europe) , are indicative of the band's leanings. ...." (from band's site above).

   Last year B-other side records collected some old recordings (1982-1985), not included in the LP and released these two beautifull 7" E.P's called "Athen's Burning" I and II (vinyl only, 500 copies).  

   The file contains the two E.P's (9 songs) and all the artwork.
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Παρασκευή, 27 Απριλίου 2012

Wipers - Land of the lost (LP, vinyl rip). 1986.

   "Side one of "Land Of The Lost" displays a new side of The Wipers - a mean hard rock/blooze/metal-punk side ... 
The guitar tone is gritty, the mix is trebly, and the songs are pissed-off as a bee! But don't worry: side two is a return to typical Wipers emotion/drama...
   If you enjoy guitar tones filthy and scuzzy this album will excite the dick out of your ear. The most formidable example is the title track, which as written is simply a cliche'd blues riff with new lyrics (it's the same riff AC/DC used in "Badlands"). By all rights it should be a miserable embarrassing failure, but the guitar tone is so menacing and street-evil that the song doesn't just work -- it excels."
(from markprindle.com) 

                                  One of my most favourite albums ever!
                                                       Download  here

Τρίτη, 24 Απριλίου 2012

Thurston Moore - Trees outside the academy (LP, vinyl rip). 2007.

   Thurston Moore is the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Sonic Youth
   "Trees outside the academy" is his second solo work released by his own record label Ecstatic Peace.
 Don't expect the chaos of Sonic Youth here. 
   Slower rythms, psychedelic tunes, acoustic guitars, violins and wonferful melodies create a special atmosphere in this record. It reminded me some of the work of Syd Barret! Only "Wonderful Witches" is a speedy rock song following the tradition of Sonic Youth.
J. Mascis, the guitarist of Dinosaur Jr, has a distinctive role here as well as the violinist Samara Lubelski.

   This is fascinating music from a really creative artist.
   I ordered this vinyl from the record company and i got it by mail. I'm very proud for this, because it was released basically in cd but the Ecstatic Peace released a vinyl edition in limited number of copies.

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Κυριακή, 22 Απριλίου 2012

Β-23. Fragmenta 1 & 2 (7" EP's, vinyl rip). 1990.

This is a part of history!
 "Stis Skies tou B-23" was one of the best greek fanzines back in the 80's and '90's. Some issues were released with vinyl records  (compilations with some of the best greek undergound bands of that time) under the name "Fragmenta". 

The greek reading friends can find some informations about this legendary zine in fanzines.gr

Here are the first two records, both of them in 7" vinyl disc with 4 bands each.

Fragmenta I
1. Anti - Nekri Pleiopsifia
2. Panx Romana - Synagermos
3. Viridian Green - Nihta
4. R.R. Hearse -  Endless Sleep

Anti was a now legendary synth - punk group while Panx Romana is a straight punk rock band still active with many followers all these years. This song here is one of their best.
Viridian Green is a project by Stefanos Glaufx and they had an experimental dark electro sound. R.R. Hearse was one of the protagonists of the underground scene of the '80's, doing experimental noise stuff, and this is his only vinyl release.

                                                      Fragmenta II
                                                   1. Sarka - Trella
                                            2. Petunia Pig - A dream so grey
                                                   3.Erevos - Erevos
                                            4. Lost Bodies - Stretch Reflex
   Sarka is a punk (kind of!) band and you can visit their website here. Petunia Pig was an almost all girl pop punk band from Patra (check also this post).
   Erevos was a dark wave band active during the '90's and Lost Bodies is a now legendary duo with a unique punk/experimental sound. This is their first appearance in vinyl but since then they've done a lot of records and gigs becoming one of the most beloved greek bands.

                        The file contains the two records and all the artwork.

                                                        Download  here 

Σάββατο, 21 Απριλίου 2012

Ορα Μηδέν - Μόνα Λίζα (7" EP, vinyl rip). 1988.

    This is the legendary 7" single by Ora Miden, a greek punk group from Patra. It was released with Rollin' Under fanzine and it was band's only record.
   The file contains the three songs and a scanned interview by the band, taken from "Junk" fanzine (issue #2, January 1990). I was the publisher of this fanzine
(together with my good friend Efi) and i sent some questions to the band by mail (not e- mail, there were no pc's back then -at least in my neighbourhood!) and the band sent me back a letter with the replies! Cool huh?

 The drawing above is made by a friend of mine (George Rouf) based on a photo sent to us by the band. The photo is lost.
                          This is excellent greek punk from the '80's. 

                                                Download  here

Παρασκευή, 20 Απριλίου 2012

The Fall - Perverted By Language (LP, vinyl rip). 1983.

   This is ...what? Proletarian art? Cheap punk? The drunken monologues of a loser who happens to be a genious? Joy Division meet Captain Beefheart for a trip into space? Is this Kraut rock?
   Is this even art?
   In any case this is one of the masterpieces of the '80's. It's the 7th album by The Fall (and the first to feature Brix Smith, then wife of Mark E. Smith, who performs lead vocals on "Hotel Blöedel"), ripped from the original vinyl record (there have been reissues with 5 extra tracks).

          1. Eat Y'self Fitter
          2. Neighbourhood Of Infinity
          3. Garden
          4. Hotel Bloedel
          5. Smile
          6. I Feel Voxish
          7. Tempo House
          8. Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot                                                   

                 Download here

Πέμπτη, 19 Απριλίου 2012

Au Pairs - Diet / It's Obvious (7" single, vinyl rip). 1980.

  Blasting into the post-punk consciousness with a tremendous debut album ("Playing with a different sex"), the Au Pairs, fronted by lesbian-feminist Lesley Woods, played brittle, guitar-based rock that shared political and musical kinship with the Mekons and (especially) the Gang of Four. 
   The music was danceable, imbued with an almost petulant irony. The Au Pairs wrote excellent songs celebrating sexuality from a woman's perspective. 
 Also, they took swipes at the conservative political climate sweeping England after Margaret Thatcher's election as Prime Minister (from Allmusic (almost!)).

  After a desultory live album in 1983 (Live in Berlin), the band split up, and Woods and her bandmates have maintained a low profile. 
This is their second single. "Diet" is about the everyday reality of a middle class woman.
                   "He works the car - she the sink,
                    She's not here to think,
                    Sits with the papers - discuss the news,
                    She doesn't have political views - she doesn't have any views..."

                                The file contains the two songs (ripped from the original vinyl to wav) and the artwork
Follow the dance  here

Τρίτη, 17 Απριλίου 2012

Magic De Spell - Nightmare / 30th Anniversary Edition (LP, vinyl rip). 1981 - 1982 recordings. 2011.

   It's 1980 and the first punk rockers have already been a strange phenomenon in the streets of Athens!
  Magic de Spell was one of the first greek punk groups. They formed in 1980 and they released an EP ("Nightmare") with 3 songs in 1981, propably the first greek punk record! After some changes in their line-up and a new singer, they moved to a more dark wave sound with no guitars at all! (bass, keyboards and drums only) and they released a full LP ("A body in a snare") in 1982.

    Later the band evolved to something completely different with a straight rock sound and greek lyrics, gaining huge succes in Greece during the 90's and the 00's.    But in the early 80's Magic De Spell was not only a punk band but an inspired punk band! 

 30 years later, Geheimnis records collected all the unreleased songs of the group (plus the "Nightmare" EP, some live recordings and two songs from the compilation LP "Happening 82") and released this excellent anniversary LP (limited copies, vinyl only).  

   Some of the songs of this record see the light of the day for the first time!
   This is not only excellent punk/new wave with all the originality of thαt time but also a part of history.
   Vinyl rip with the covers and all the artwork.

                                            Download  here

Villa 21 - House Of The Damned (EP 12", vinyl rip). 1988

   Villa 21 was one of the biggest greek rock bands ever! See this post for an introduction to this unforgettable band. 
   After the first years of the 80's, when the group was into the dark wave, they started changing their musical direction to a more rock sound influenced by Stooges, Rocky Erickson and garage punk.
 This EP was released in 1988, right after the moment of change, the legendary LP "Electric Poison".
   Four tracks full of energy! Among them an excellent cover to Rocky Ericson's classic "The night of the vampire". My personal favourite is the 8 minute long "Back for more", a link between the old direction and the new garage sound.

 This is vinyl rip containing the cover and all the artwork with lyrics. The lyrics were not included in the record but the band had made a mini booklet sharing it hand to hand for anyone interested.

                                           Download  here

Τετάρτη, 11 Απριλίου 2012

Front 242 - Tragedy for you (12" EP, vinyl rip). 1990.

   One of the most consistent industrial bands ever, Front 242 were the premier exponent of European electronic body music
   Initially, the group was just a duo when formed in October 1981 in Brussels; programmers Patrick Codenys and Dirk Bergen recorded "Principles" and released the single on New Dance Records.    A year later, programmer Daniel Bressanutti (aka Daniel B. Prothese) and lead vocalist Jean-Luc de Meyer joined as well. 
   The group's sound began to grow more aggressive with 1984's No Comment EP, still reminiscent of synth pop but with harder-hitting rhythms and added menace from de Meyer's vocals. (from Allmusic)
    They continued making exciting electronic music till the recent years but for now the members of the band are taking a break to pursue various solo projects. 

    Front 242 released this excellent 12 inch record in 1990. It includes three industrial classics, "Neurodancer", "Trigger 3" and "Tragedy for you - instrumental".
                                 The file contains the songs and the covers.

                                                 Download  here

Κυριακή, 8 Απριλίου 2012

Lydia Lunch / Rowland Howard - Some velvet morning (EP, 12", vinyl rip). 1982.

   Two of the most inspired musicians of the last decades meet in this cover of the classic Hazelwood's psych pop masterpiece "Some Velvet Morning".

   Lydia Lunch had some of her best moments collaborating with Rowland Howard. One year before "Honeymoon in Red" LP (with the participation of Nick Cave, Thurston Moore, Tracy Pew,etc.) they released this 12" EP, with Barry Adamson on the double bass, Mick Harvey on drums, Genevieve McGucking on piano.

              "I fell in love with a ghost", a haunted creepy melody, is on the b side.

               "I fell in love with a ghost - he's just a shadow of his former self..."

                                  This was released by 4AD records in 1982 .

                                                   Download here

Σάββατο, 7 Απριλίου 2012

Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία (Forgotten Prophecy) / Mushroom Attack (split LP, vinyl rip). 1990. re-upload.

   Forgotten Prophecy was a greek crust/punk band with a really heavy and fast sound. They had this fantastic split LP together with Mushroom Attack in 1991 (Loony Tunes records) and they had most of their gigs in squat houses in Athens and Thessaloniki, specially in Villa Amalias.
  Mushroom Attack was a great hardcore/punk band from Holland and they were too envolved in the squat houses movement. They were active from 1989 till 1992.

  I re-upload this fantastic split record because the previous file had a bad sound quality as i had it in mp3 form in a low bitrate and it contained only the Forgotten Prophecy part.

   I have the vinyl album but i was too lazy then to do all the work (recording from vinyl, converting the files, scanning the covers etc.)! So now, after request, here is the full album directly from vinyl, including the Mushroom Attack part and all the artwork.

                                                 Download  here

Παρασκευή, 6 Απριλίου 2012

Deus Ex Machina - 38 xiliosta / Bastardokratia (38 Χιλιοστά / Μπασταρδοκρατία). 7" single, vinyl rip. 2011

   Punk rules!
   Deus Ex Machina play the two most beloved greek punk songs ever!
"38 xiliosta" was released in 1986 by Adieksodo and it's a scream of anger which became the voice of two or three generations!
    Ιn 1985, during a riot at the centre of Athens, a cop shot in the head 15 years old Mihalis Kaltezas. The caliber of the bullet was 38 millimeters...
   The next days Athens was burning by thousands of angry young men...
   The legendary punk band Adieksodo caught the spirit of this rebellion and they wrote their best song:
"Blood is what i want to see - Blood of a thousand "innoccents", running down the street..."
After Adieksodo disbanded, their guitarist Dimitris Spyropoulos formed Deus Ex machina in 1989.

   "Bastardokratia" was written by the other legendary punk band of the '80's, Chaos Generation and it's a raw attack against the bastards who rule our lives.

Deus Ex Machina were playing these songs all these years in concerts and finally, in 2011, they entered the studio to record and release this excellent single (vinyl only! Limited copies).

                 Punk rules!

                     Take it here

Πέμπτη, 5 Απριλίου 2012

The Danse Society - Somewhere (E.P. 12", vinyl rip). 1982.

  During the first half of the eighties The Danse Society released two wonderful LP's, "Seduction" in 1982 and "Heaven is waiting" in 1983. Their music is kind of typical darkwave of the time, but they always had strong melodies supporting the evocative, dark sonic environment.
  Last year they reunited releasing "Change of skin".
  This EP was released in 1982 by their own label Society Records. It contains three songs, "Somewhere", "Hide" and the epic "Theme" - 10 minutes long, no vocals, just the drums rolling while the guitar and the keyboards create waves of melancholy.

                                              Download  here

Κυριακή, 1 Απριλίου 2012

Deus ex Machina - Execute (1992), No silence on my face (1995). Vinyl rip.

   This band is a living legend! 
   Here are the two 7" records Deus Ex Machina released in the '90's. You all know how great this band is and if you dont know run to their official site.
Deus are the best greek punk group for the last two decades for sure.
   The first single (Execute / Iraq 'n' roll) was released in 1992 but the first song was already known as a punk dynamite. I still remember the creeps when i first heard it!
   "Iraq 'n' roll" was about the first Gulf War and it's also a great song with a strong anti-war message.

The second single (No silence on my face/S.D.S.) released in 1995 and it also contains two punk diamonds.
Both records released by Hitchyke records.
The file contains the two singles and the artwork.

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